Ladies, I have a question for you. Why is what the people are not only the most beautiful colors, a woman so special? "Why" and "what" are questions that we are constantly increasing.

Try to understand and tell us a little better. You are not irritated when people see the bag and say: "What all this thing?" I know that I do.

Now, I have a simple answer. I say "My life is in him!" Because quite simply, it's a fact.

Not that they are aware that the wife of the bag has everything they need their daily lives? How many of you have the beautiful movie "Mary Poppins"? He is in the spotlight of the beautiful Julie Andrews as a mystical, magical nanny bag. Every time Mary Poppins has his bag, the strangest things seemed to her coat is of sweets, hats in medicine.

This is a correlation, what we have in our pockets! I wear very large bags, and if you ask me what I could have them I do not answer. But on the other hand, if it is something you need in an emergency, such as, for example, if you suddenly canceled a nail, my hand in hand with my magic bag, and that is to have a nail clipper.

Rest assured, if you need something, he had our bags. Another thing, the mystique of the people is, how do we fit in our pockets.

Sometimes, if I have one in my pocket for something that they have this look in his eyes than I by a Harley Davidson! What are stem cells, nor is the small coupling we mean when we are painting the town red. "How?" I often was, "It was not so much in this case?" Well, this is a skill that women! We must show that he is weak, because in the party, do you think, if I am on the dance floor! A woman out of the bag is not a bag.

Each has its own size, shape, color and the buffer is. This makes us special.

And so I begin a series of special edition in my column, the "My Sister series! The topic? As a woman, everything about him. I am sure that the ladies with what I say.

And guys, it is enough that there is a secret doctrine to better understand women! The Sisterhood of the weekly series, but from time to time. It lies between the result of the super heavy.

I am looking forward to it and I hope that you like.