Recipe Type [Lunch & dinner]

Duration: 10 minutes preparation, cook 12 mins
Servings: 8
A small addition to your Easter menu, the fish works great in corners.


* 8 pieces of fillet of sea bream or ling
* 3 / 4 cup chopped fresh flat leaf parsley
* The grated zest of 1 lemon
* 2 cloves garlic finely sliced
* 1 cup fresh breadcrumbs
* 1 / 3 cup toasted pine nuts
* 1 tablespoon rice
* The oil


1. Preheat oven to 180 C. Grease and line base of a large Baking sheet. Place the fish on tray and set aside.

2. Combine the parsley, lemon zest, garlic, breadcrumbs, pine nuts and rice oil. Divide the filling between the fish fillets, pressing it gently on top.

3. Bake for 12 minutes or until fish just flakes with a fork and is cooked through. Serve with potato wedges and green salad with herb vinaigrette. Garnish with lemon.


Unlucky in love? Well, try the benefits of your humor to a new study has shown that women love men who make them laugh.

According to the study, women that men are more clever and funny more likely to be more honest than the dour counterparts.

Researchers believe that these results may be why so many lone hearts ads placed through the list of women GSOH (good sense of humor) as a prerequisite for a partner.

Boffins believe women have evolved to find a good quality intelligence, because it indicates that the person is a good provider for her and her children.

The study involved 45 heterosexual women who were asked to read the brief description of the movie by themselves compiled 20 men, 10 of which are very funny and scored 10 in just a little funny.

Then the women asked how intelligent and honest, they believe the men and how they can go to develop a friendship or a long term relationship with them.

The results show that people who use the most ludicrous description of themselves is considered more intuitive than those not as spiritual.

The women in the study also found that people had a good sense of humor as more honest and said that they will be more likely to become friends with them.

Funny men also considered a better capture of a long-term relationship, according to the findings.

Kristofor McCarty, University of Northumbria, who led the study, said: "A quick browse through solitary touching the ads women seeking a good sense of humor in a potential partner - Our Research may explain why this is.

"The results show that women use humor as an indication of a type of intelligence.

"Intelligence is a great quality as a smart person should be able to provide resources for her children.

"But guys beware: not just any joke make. We have found that humor should really funny people judged as more intuitive."

The study is presented in the British psychological Society Annual Conference in Brighton.


Ladies, I have a question for you. Why is what the people are not only the most beautiful colors, a woman so special? "Why" and "what" are questions that we are constantly increasing.

Try to understand and tell us a little better. You are not irritated when people see the bag and say: "What all this thing?" I know that I do.

Now, I have a simple answer. I say "My life is in him!" Because quite simply, it's a fact.

Not that they are aware that the wife of the bag has everything they need their daily lives? How many of you have the beautiful movie "Mary Poppins"? He is in the spotlight of the beautiful Julie Andrews as a mystical, magical nanny bag. Every time Mary Poppins has his bag, the strangest things seemed to her coat is of sweets, hats in medicine.

This is a correlation, what we have in our pockets! I wear very large bags, and if you ask me what I could have them I do not answer. But on the other hand, if it is something you need in an emergency, such as, for example, if you suddenly canceled a nail, my hand in hand with my magic bag, and that is to have a nail clipper.

Rest assured, if you need something, he had our bags. Another thing, the mystique of the people is, how do we fit in our pockets.

Sometimes, if I have one in my pocket for something that they have this look in his eyes than I by a Harley Davidson! What are stem cells, nor is the small coupling we mean when we are painting the town red. "How?" I often was, "It was not so much in this case?" Well, this is a skill that women! We must show that he is weak, because in the party, do you think, if I am on the dance floor! A woman out of the bag is not a bag.

Each has its own size, shape, color and the buffer is. This makes us special.

And so I begin a series of special edition in my column, the "My Sister series! The topic? As a woman, everything about him. I am sure that the ladies with what I say.

And guys, it is enough that there is a secret doctrine to better understand women! The Sisterhood of the weekly series, but from time to time. It lies between the result of the super heavy.

I am looking forward to it and I hope that you like.


Our modern lifestyles are confusing our circadian rhythm. Constant exposure to lights, stimulation from entertainment and the desire to squeeze more hours into the day just isn’t natural.

We evolved over generations to fall asleep when it turns dark and wake with dawn. As evening falls, the alteration in light means we produce melatonin, which helps us feel tired. Just before dawn our adrenal glands push out stress hormones to wake us.

Lack of sleep greatly affects our bodies, including our mood, our cardiovascular system and our weight. Here are a few tips you can follow to ensure good sleeping patterns:

* Get up and go to bed at the same time. By following a routine you’ll long for the pillow at the same time each night. Try to stick to your routine on weekends.
* Go to bed if you feel tired. By ignoring the weary feeling, your stress hormones will battle with the sleep-inducing melatonin.
* If you’re not tired, don’t go to bed. You’ll only end up lying awake clock-watching.
* Get out in the sunshine. Nothing resets the natural circadian rhythm like the sun.
* Make your bed inviting. Your mattress should suit your body. As you sleep, your back is repairing itself from the damage caused by being active during the day. Chiropractors suggest the life of any mattress is seven years.
* Have a milky drink before bed. Milk contains the amino acid tryptophan, which is used to make up the sleep hormone melatonin and the mood hormone serotonin.
* Don’t have a daytime nap. Power naps, where you sleep for 15 to 20 minutes, can be valuable, but sleeping longer and drifting into deeper sleep works against you.
* Keep your bedroom cool. A cooling of the body is a natural part of falling asleep. Make sure your bedroom is well ventilated or have a cool shower or bath about an hour before you settle down. As your body cools, the sleep hormones will trickle into place.
* Only use your bedroom for sleeping. Watching TV in bed stimulates the wrong sort of brainwave response.
* Learn to switch off. Don’t take work problems home. Instead, write them in a diary. Evidence suggests when you put problems into your forebrain and jot them down, they tend not to drift into other parts of your brain and fuel thought-inspired insomnia.
* Avoid drugs and alcohol. Nicotine is a stimulant and is associated with an increase in pulse rate and blood pressure. Alcohol, a depressant, may help you doze off, but if consumed in excess it will disrupt the sleep cycle later in the night and wake you. Sleeping pills should only be taken for short periods because they can lead to daytime drowsiness. Also if used for more than a week they can have the opposite effect.
* Cancel caffeine after midday. Tea, coffee, cola and chocolate are stimulants and people who have a tendency towards insomnia should make midday the cut-off.
* Can’t sleep? Try again. If you’re still awake after 15 minutes, get up, keep the light low, drink warm milk and read for a while.

Be active in the morning

It only takes 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day to encourage sleep at night, but it’s ideal to do it in the morning. Exercising too close to bedtime increases your heart rate and works against the natural rhythm.


Healthy lifestyle changes may reduce your risk of getting breast cancer. Try these:

1. Go for a walk.

Women who spend a little more than an hour a day walking may reduce their risk of developing breast cancer by 23 per cent, compared to their non-active peers.

2. Variety is the spice of life.

Adding cruciferous vegetables such as turnips and Chinese cabbage, instead of the usual cauliflower, to your diet may help reduce your risk of breast cancer by 50 per cent. In a study published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers found these vegies may offer more benefits to women fitting a particular genetic profile. Other studies suggest cruciferous vegies may also cut the risk of lung, stomach, colorectal and bladder cancers. Add some to your stir-fry tonight.

3. Avoid having that last drink for the road.

Researchers recently concluded that, compared with women who abstained from drinking alcohol, the risk of breast cancer increased by as much as 51 per cent among women who consumed three or more drinks daily. It's yet another good reason to watch your intake and lessen the health impacts of alcohol.


Here are some commonly asked questions, a few handy tips and interesting facts for getting new puppies ready for their new homes.

The right start

Q: What is puppy preschool and is it really that important?

A: Socialisation is vital to ensure a well-adjusted, even-tempered dog. The window of opportunity for imprinting good social behaviour in pups is between six and 15 weeks of age. After this, the dog's innate habits have already formed.

Puppy preschool gets dogs together at this age and teaches them social skills and basic training. Many behavioural problems, such as separation anxiety, other anxiety disorders and aggression, are compounded by poor socialisation in early life.
Protecting puppy

Q: What diseases should my puppy be vaccinated against?

A: Dogs are vaccinated against five diseases: canine distemper, canine infectious hepatitis, parvovirus, bordetella and parainfluenza. The first vaccination is carried out at six to eight weeks, followed by one or two boosters, depending on vaccine used, between 12 and 18 weeks.

Belly nuisance

Q: If a pup has a hernia what does it mean?

A: Hernias are small holes due to a separation of muscle tissue. The umbilical hernia, which occurs where the belly button would be, is the most common and can usually be fixed at desexing surgery. Larger hernias, where the tissues in the abdomen can fall through, need to be fixed promptly.

Missing Mum

Q: Our puppy still cries at night. How can we stop this?

A: Having a good routine is the best way to settle a puppy. Find a safe, private area for your pup to sleep - not on the end of your bed. Try putting a ticking clock in her bedding, which will remind her of her mother's heartbeat. A radio playing softly will also help to reassure her.

Work, rest and play

Q: How long should my puppy normally sleep for?

A: Puppies need lots of short sleeps during the day followed by short, sharp bursts of activity. They should sleep most of the night.

Pooch provisions

Q: What's the best type of food to feed our puppy?

A: At first, feed your puppy the same as they were getting at the pet shop or breeder's. If you want to change their diet, wait until your pup's settled, which is usually about two weeks, then gradually introduce a new one. Sudden changes can result in upset stomachs.

There are many options for feeding. Raw food diets or dry food alternatives are fine as long as they're balanced. Get the best food you can afford.

He's misbehaving

Q: Our puppy won't obey us and occasionally urinates in the house. What can we do?

A: Smacking or yelling at him will make him nervous and the problem will get worse, especially urinating and defecating in the house. Ignore bad behaviour and reward your dog when he's good. Create a toilet area outside and put him there regularly, praising him when he goes. After dinner, take him to his toilet so he can go.

Worm worries

Q: If our puppy gets worms are we at risk too?

A: It's possible, but very rare. Puppies contract hookworm from their mother's placenta before birth or from their milk. Hookworms can burrow deep into human skin and cause a severe itch or even intestinal inflammation. For this to happen, a human would have to have contact with heavily infested soil, which would be unlikely.

To catch the common tapeworm from your dog, you'd have to eat a flea or infested faeces. Good hygiene around the house and garden and flea control is crucial.

The bare bones

Q: I've been told that exercising our labrador puppy could cause her to have arthritis in later life - is this true?

A: Veterinary orthopaedic specialist Dr Steven Fernside recommends taking your puppy for a good run, but don't exercise her to the point of exhaustion. When this happens, her muscles will collapse and her joints will bear all the weight, which can do damage.


Puppies are full of energy and are naturally curious, but this can lead to trouble if the bundles of joy are left unsupervised. Make sure your place is safe before you bring Fido home.


Puppies will want to inspect indoor pot plants and have a chew on them, so keep them out of reach. Some plants such as azaleas and lily varieties are toxic to dogs.

Many pups will also enjoy snacking from the cat litter tray. Dogs love to eat cat poo, but doing so can result in worms, while litter can cause intestinal blocks. Also:

* Store medications and supplements up high. Even if they’re in plastic containers, many puppies will chew through them.
* Put all bins well out of reach. Puppies love the taste and smell of garbage.
* Put the toilet lid down. The toilet bowl is a drowning hazard and many toilet bowl fresheners are poisonous.
* Ensure curtain cords are out of reach.
* Keep your puppy away when you’re using cleaning sprays and disinfectants so they don’t get chemicals in their sensitive eyes or inhale any harmful vapours.
* Keep all tobacco products, which can be fatal, secure and out of reach.
* Place small objects out of harm’s way.
* Close doors and windows.


It’s important you inspect your fence well and repair any holes or loose planks so your puppy can’t jump or dig under it. Also:

* Never leave your puppy wandering around outside without supervision.
Designate an area for the puppy’s toilet and make it attractive (use sand as a substrate). Fence off areas where the kids play, so your puppy can’t use those spots to go to the toilet.
* Keep shed doors closed.
* Never use snail bait or rat poison. Instead, leave ‘beer traps’ in the soil for snails.