Puppies are full of energy and are naturally curious, but this can lead to trouble if the bundles of joy are left unsupervised. Make sure your place is safe before you bring Fido home.


Puppies will want to inspect indoor pot plants and have a chew on them, so keep them out of reach. Some plants such as azaleas and lily varieties are toxic to dogs.

Many pups will also enjoy snacking from the cat litter tray. Dogs love to eat cat poo, but doing so can result in worms, while litter can cause intestinal blocks. Also:

* Store medications and supplements up high. Even if they’re in plastic containers, many puppies will chew through them.
* Put all bins well out of reach. Puppies love the taste and smell of garbage.
* Put the toilet lid down. The toilet bowl is a drowning hazard and many toilet bowl fresheners are poisonous.
* Ensure curtain cords are out of reach.
* Keep your puppy away when you’re using cleaning sprays and disinfectants so they don’t get chemicals in their sensitive eyes or inhale any harmful vapours.
* Keep all tobacco products, which can be fatal, secure and out of reach.
* Place small objects out of harm’s way.
* Close doors and windows.


It’s important you inspect your fence well and repair any holes or loose planks so your puppy can’t jump or dig under it. Also:

* Never leave your puppy wandering around outside without supervision.
Designate an area for the puppy’s toilet and make it attractive (use sand as a substrate). Fence off areas where the kids play, so your puppy can’t use those spots to go to the toilet.
* Keep shed doors closed.
* Never use snail bait or rat poison. Instead, leave ‘beer traps’ in the soil for snails.