Each one wanted to look at astonishing Oscars of this year, and it was certainly a night so that the actresses honour the red carpet in red or a certain nuance with white. Some made it right, whereas others left much to be desired.

Here our selections for better and worse of the mode of Oscar:

The best

Sarah Jessica Parker: The loves of star of sex and the city to resemble a ballerina, but with it can do it right and to ensure itself seems to it sexy.

Natalie Portman: Breaking the tendency of the night of red and white, it revealed in the pink shocking. Portman seemed sophisticated and fresh.

Marion Cotillard: Sequins and Tulle can be an exposure of horror, but Marion French and is thus made its dress of part to work.

Pattinson Zac Efron and Robert: These types can work a tux and a shouted model of Hollywood of old man-school.

Angelina Jolie: It did not carry a muumuu. More, the combination of its black dress installed with these green earrings was shocking good manners.


Miley Cyrus: Decorated outside in a scintillating white dress and with steps, it looked as it auditioned for the role of Cinderella to the magic kingdom.

Kate Winslet: She likes the dress of binding-model, but in this moment, she obtains one little tired. And to detail strange lace and sequined was not an improvement.

Tilda Swinton: She never embraces traditional models and seems sometimes odd. More, its hair, the skin and the higher half of its dress very matched.

Beyonc: It resembled the couch of my large aunt!

Amy Adams: Its red dress with detailing black geometrical was strange and not flatteringly. How disappointing!

What did you think of the red-carpet mode? Are you of agreement with our choices, or we missed the mark?