It seems that even cupid works overtime in office, for according to a new survey, 40 percent of US workers have dated an office colleague, while 31 percent of them have gone ahead to tie the knot.

Harris Interactive, on behalf of job website, conducted the online survey of 8,038 full-time adult employees between November 12 and December 1 last year.

It was found that 10 percent of office goers worked with someone they would like to date, and 18 percent had dated a co-worker twice or more at some time in their careers.

On the other hand, when it came to eyeing a co-worker, the figures were quite distorted-14 percent of men, but just five percent of women, said that they would like to date a colleague.f those who dated a co-worker in the last year, one third said that it was someone with a more senior position in the company, reports the China Daily.

And among those, 42 percent admitted to have dated their boss, said the survey.

Almost three-fourths of workers said that they never had to make an effort to keep their romance a secret, while 7 percent said that they had left a job due to an office romance.