Unlucky in love? Well, try the benefits of your humor to a new study has shown that women love men who make them laugh.

According to the study, women that men are more clever and funny more likely to be more honest than the dour counterparts.

Researchers believe that these results may be why so many lone hearts ads placed through the list of women GSOH (good sense of humor) as a prerequisite for a partner.

Boffins believe women have evolved to find a good quality intelligence, because it indicates that the person is a good provider for her and her children.

The study involved 45 heterosexual women who were asked to read the brief description of the movie by themselves compiled 20 men, 10 of which are very funny and scored 10 in just a little funny.

Then the women asked how intelligent and honest, they believe the men and how they can go to develop a friendship or a long term relationship with them.

The results show that people who use the most ludicrous description of themselves is considered more intuitive than those not as spiritual.

The women in the study also found that people had a good sense of humor as more honest and said that they will be more likely to become friends with them.

Funny men also considered a better capture of a long-term relationship, according to the findings.

Kristofor McCarty, University of Northumbria, who led the study, said: "A quick browse through solitary touching the ads women seeking a good sense of humor in a potential partner - Our Research may explain why this is.

"The results show that women use humor as an indication of a type of intelligence.

"Intelligence is a great quality as a smart person should be able to provide resources for her children.

"But guys beware: not just any joke make. We have found that humor should really funny people judged as more intuitive."

The study is presented in the British psychological Society Annual Conference in Brighton.